1:12 Dollhouse roombox diorama African room - Decorated or Remote Controlled or Fully Furnished

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I made this African room box in a BOHO style décor. The diorama has a easy removable front panel to access the interior and keep it free of dust when in use. It is offered in three models:

1- Decorated: In this model you get the diorama completely decorated with floor, and walls and roof painted, fitted with the ceiling chandelier operated manually to turn on and off the light. There is no furniture included in this version;

2- Remote Controlled: This is the decorated model with all electronic necessary to operate it remotely, including main spot lights, celling chandelier with mood light nd the Lion lighting feature, all operated remotely;

3- Fully Furnished: This is the model 1 and 2, with all accessories that you see in the pictures are included. Here is the full list:
- console Table raffia beige (working drawer) with a small woman's sculpture and two plant pots;
- gallery of 4 modern African picture frames;
- living room set sofa, two armchairs and two benches made of wood, green velvet and fabric coordinated;
- one coffee table comprised of two black elephants sculptures and a decorated mirror top with a hand painted blue & yellow eagle and one black vase with hand made red cold porcelain flowers;
- one wooden mirrored side table with an African woman's bust;
- one hanging macramé pot with plants;
- one large succulents mirrored picture frame;
- one chest of drawers raffia beige (working drawers) with the Lion blue led light feature and a vase with natural dried flowers;
- one large wooden picture wit a woman engraved;
- one small console table raffia beige (working drawer) with a parrot sculpture and a hand made pot of paper plants;
- one hand made macramé wall round mirror;
- one solid wood (pine) American regulator working wall clock;
- two pots with wooden stands and tropical foliage;

In the remote controlled and fully furnished models, all diorama lights are controlled remotely. You can turn up the four spot lights of the room by pressing button 1 (to turn the lights off, press again), and you can turn on the ceiling chandelier by pressing once the button 2, and pressing it again it turns into a mood light feature which changes smoothly in colors, and finally you can turn on the Lion blue light feature by pressing button 3. Everything is powered by a rechargeable Lipo battery, but you can operated it by connecting a USB-C connector located in the back of the room which will also keep the battery always charged. Each and every item of the diorama has been taken care of down to the smallest detail, and everything is hand-made.

- 280 mm (11") width;
- 220 mm (8 3/4") depth;
- 220 mm (8 3/4") height.

The item above is designed for the 1:12 scale miniature setting.

This is a dollhouse miniature intended for adult collectors and not as a toy for children.

All miniatures listed here are handmade in our atelier! They would suit any dollhouse, diorama or room box. We can also make it to order for dollhouse scale 1:6, as well as Lundby scale 1:16. Please contact us for a quote, and allow 10 business days for delivery.

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